Smart management of your scheduling


In full swing

Efficient graphic scheduling.


dispoplan software for scheduling vehicles and drivers is easy to use. Especially for smaller businesses, the scheduling software stands the test either as single solution or as integrated setup.





    has been developed from experience for the practical use. Hence the flexible software is excellent value for money. Featuring reliable information, it offers a high-quality benefit in terms of operating conditions.


    Dispatching by drag and drop is intuitiv, therefore it is easy to learn then ready to use. You may organise the Gantt chart yourself as much as possible. As an alternative to the Gantt chart, dispoplan is also available in table display. This version may be used instead or in addition. Here, the focus is on resources attributed to certain jobs per day. In fact, the period of transport does not appear directly from the table, however the display meets the familiar form of formerly used paper plans.


    Together with intertrans and fleetmanager, the consistent database gets a solid foundation for currently up to date information and avoids multiple collection of data.


    > compose your own software package



Match the right resource to every single order and define how long the transaction is going to take. This is how you manage in a clear Gantt chart the assignment of:

+ vehicles
+ semitrailers
+ trailers
+ drivers
+ equipment

The diagram shows the workload and periods when vehicles and drivers are not available for reasons as repair, tests, leaves etc. 

In combination with telematics solutions, scheduled data turn to real data. Dispatchers get informed about current times and job status, which are transmitted directly from the vehicles. Add-on mapping software shows the current location of all vehicles and dispatched orders or orders still to be arranged. The open interface architecture allows to monitor driving and rest periods of drivers.


dispoplan may be used simultaneously by several users, so that each authorised operator is always up to date.