Added value for transport projects

How to reach best results with your transport management.


You work with intertrans already and now you are confronted with new tasks? Via interface, we can connect many value added products as well as existing document management and accounting systems. Mapping applications by PTV and infoware are integrated.


We realise any individual demand in a reliable, responsible and release-ready way.



Digital tacho data


The TX archive software facilitates the evaluation of digital tacho data and supports drivers and companies with archiving.


Handle digital tacho data with the TX archive basic package in three licence levels:


+ Level 1: up to 3 drivers or 3 vehicles
+ Level 2: up to 20 drivers or 20 vehicles
+ Level 3: unlimited number of drivers or vehicles


TX-VISIO WEB offers an optimum support with the handling of large fleets destributed across several locations and makes comprehensive evaluations right through to data for payroll accounting. With this web application, companies can store and manage data anytime, anywhere.


Data are safely stored in a German computer center. At any time they may be transferred to your own IT-system.


Billing results from actual use: companies don’t need to invest in any evaluation software or any in-house software maintenance, and they still remain up to date with the latest version of the programme.




Integrated ATLAS customs clearance


Any automatic customs clearance for import and export is comfortable and easy with ATLAS including individual customs entries and NCTS procedures.


Compliance Check


Check your master file data in real time for all customers, service providers, staff members, prospects and organisations in touch with your business. A smart and safe IT solution for your compliance check is an essential part of your risk management.




Profit from our experience of loading, cross loading and unloading projects. Our practice-oriented solutions for storage, relocation, stock removal, consignment and inventory enhance the efficiency of your warehouse.




Discuss with your business partners the favourite exchange of your consignment data with shipping agents and platforms as Transporeon and Timocom.


An open exchange interface architecture offers you nearly all file formats from xls/csv to xml, Fortras and typical transport industry EDI formats.




The open interface architecture is able to connect numerous telematics solutions:

Fleetboard (Daimler), VEHCO, TomTom, Navkonzept, Spedion and others.


Along with the dispoplan module, you may check the driving time and rest periods, the position of the vehicle and the up-to-date delivery status. This helps to adjust the route on demand.