Smart management of your documents


Structured filing

Efficient and legally compliant


Structured storing of documents is not only essential for your organisation, it is even prescribed by law. intertrans-DMS matches automatically analogue and digital documents with offers, transports, routes, vehicles, drivers, addresses and contact persons. Together with the documents you created in the intertrans programme, you get a compliant digital storage. You may also use this software for archiving documents from external systems like accountancy, garage or payroll accounting. Use the full integrated version or connect to your current software for payroll, warehouse, container yard, garage, fleet or your existing transport management system. We help you to build your procedural documentation.




    + Get your digital storage legally compliant.
    + Get documents available just in time.
    + Organise your archive.
    + Reduce costs of storage surface, copies, printing and postage.
    + Stop searching for physical documents and save time.
    + Reduce the use of paper.
    + Configure at your option as desktop or mobile application.

    > compose your own software package


Innovative IT solution with large benefit for small businesses

For its IT solution InfoShare Cloud Archive Service a panel of nearly 100 experts from the Initiative for Small Businesses nominated last year our partner Kendox for a winner. The award for innovation characterises particularly innovative solutions which help small and medium-sized companies  step successfully into the digital future.