Multimodal transport management

How to operate transport projects in an efficient way.


As a software for multimodal transports intertrans meets exactly the requirements of freight forwarders. Logistics professionals are able to acces important information in real time and react to short term requests. Thus they save valuable time in scheduling and carrying out freight forwarding tasks.





    centralises your projects from start to finish and shows the entire process starting with the quote and the entry of data, then scheduling and dispatching to billing and finally sales reporting. In combination with dispoplan, fleet management, warehouse management, document management system, financial accounting and customer relationship management you run all your logistics operations from one source.


    The software is available in German, English and Russian and is therefore also suitable for German customers with subsidiaries abroad.


    > compose your own software package





With intertrans you may configure exactly the freight forwarding software your activity needs now.


Following the motto "as few as possible, as much as necessery" it works at a moderate or complex extent according to your needs. You decide what you need, we configure soon the solution to your requirements. Nothing seems impossible: connections to external systems of shippers, service providers or logistics platforms. We also implement special solutions which you offer to your customers. You can use each software module separately or bring them subsequently into action. In this way, the software stays extensible and grows with your requirements. With mobile applications, the modular structure allows best flexibility.

+ intertrans eBooking

Extra service for your customers with status notification, document upload and download, entry of quotes and orders – anytime with the mobile app.

+ intertrans driver-app

Mobile integration of your subcontractors to the processing of orders.