Smart management of your fleet


fleet management 

Full transparency for drivers and vehicle fleet.


As a software for transport professionals, fleet management has been developed from experience in transport specially for carriers. fleet management maintains the vehicle service life, figures the return on investment, organises appointments and controls working time. Hence carriers keep a check on their costs, vehicles and drivers.



    fleet management


    + extends intertrans for a comprehensive management of vehicle fleets and drivers records


    + outlines costs for vehicles and drivers


    + collects technical data and service appointments for vehicles


    + collects staff data such as working hours, holidays, traning and qualification


    + assists the vacation planning


    + considers the appointments of drivers and vehicles for dispatching


    > compose your own software package


+ central master data system

Collect all technical and commercial vehicle data in one system.


+ vehicle file

Match the right vehicle documents to each single resource to get a vehicle file. Together with information from repair work, service and other receipts results a complete vehicle service life from new acquisition to final decommissioning.


+ drivers file

Create a driver file for your qualified personnel to call master data, qualification, driving licenses, operational planning, working hours, vacation planning and much more.


+ schedule management

The scheduling application displays appointments of vehicles and drivers simultanously in dispoplan. This makes periods impossible to clash. Recurring appointments are created automatically after completion.

+ cost recording

Simply record costs by type and category and assign individual receipts: equipment, fuel, repair, financing, etc.


Recurring costs are automatically distributed to transaction months. Recorded costs enter directly to the intertrans module for financial accounting or via interface to Addison, DATEV, Diamant, Navision, Sage, SAP, Varial und andere.


Depending on the situation and for maximum efficiency, there are three different flavours of cost recording. fleet management automatically reads cost data from interfaces such as refill data from fuel cards or from the company fuel station. You can also enter receipts individually and sort costs by vehicle.


+ evaluation

Evaluate your costs by type and category. For this purpose, you compare fleet costs with the revenues and see the development of your return on investment within a period. You may also compare between selected periods.