Smart management of your warehouse

by every trick in the logistics book


With this software you offer your customers a positive potential in logistics service. You store, order pick, manage and transport their products? With warehouse management you find everything at the right time in the right quantity at the right place.



    warehouse management


    + transsphipment warehouses

    + forwarding warehouses

    + logistics warehouses

    + easy record and clear operation of all warehouse-specific activities

    + supports any data exchange with your customers and partners


    > compose your own software package


+ bulk storage - shelf warehouse - chaotic stock

In every kind of storage, whether at your facility or at remote locations, keep a check on your storage capacity and find every item, every batch, every serial number immediately.


+ parts management

After collecting substantial product identification, you operate batches, serial numbers and items with a shelf life.


+ scanning

Extend the warehouse management software with barcode processing. Scanners will support your storage, relocation and  rearrangement of items. So you set up a permanent inventory.

+ traceability

Keep trace of all information according to EU regulation 178/2002.


+ invoicing

Clear warehouse services and storage fees in different modes. If you use an integrated solution, the book entry happens automatically in intertrans; otherwise via an interface for Addison, DATEV, Diamant, Navision, Sage, SAP, Varial und others.